musical "gleichheitsfreiheit"
Theatre directing

Artistic collaboration with Elianne Stroomer (writer), Nils Fraser (composer & production) and Deborah Kiener (choreography)

The musical tells a story about womens' rights and LGBTQ movement in 1958 in Zürich. 
The main plot is interwoven with short scenes commenting on the topic from the 2019 perspective, which were written by me during rehearsals with themed improvisations. 
In my work with actors I used multiple methods, from ensemble building Grotowski exercises, through character motivation analysis to improvisation games. In that piece, I have also created a short swing choreography. 

Music & Storyline: Nils Fraser
Text: Elianne Stroomer
Text adaptation & Directing: Monika Krzesniak
Choreography: Deborah Kiener
Set design: Nils Fraser, Monika Krzesniak
Lighting design & Programming: Monika Krzesniak
Costumes: Deborah Kiener, Monika Krzesniak

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