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theater company "les immergés"


Following various courses combining theory and practice (universities, conservatories, fine arts, applied arts or technical training), and which were a first step in the fields of art and performing arts, we met at ENSATT in September 2014. All members of the 76th cohort, we were trained in the different sections of the school: sound, lighting, scenography, costumes, acting, administration.


Inhabited by a deep desire to work together and to mix our specialties, we got together for the first time in January 2016 around the theme of the spectator's sensation and a project called "Ici et maintenant", led by Gabrielle Marty, Adélie Antonin and Mathilde Giraudeau. An ambulatory proposal was born in an intense week of experimentation, then reshaped over a week of public presentations. We were then able to extend our research with three new weeks of creation, followed by twelve performances,


in September 2016, at the ENSATT, we reserched, with a new project called “Note Blanche”, asserting a stronger narrative axis by focusing on the notion of news and the intimate and/or violent perception of individuals in the face of medias, often dramatic, and which quickly turn into viral "stories".


Today graduates, we have decided to offer a follow-up to our common adventures and formed the Collectif Les Immergés in 2017. Since then, we meet on regular basis online, and in person during our creative residences, and we continue to reflect on the themes that concern us through new projects, striving to keep alive the link between our theater and our world.

2020 “Tout était là pour toujours”, WIP, Les Immergés, Théâtre de l'Oulle, Avignon, France

2019 “Tout était là pour toujours”, WIP, Les Immergés, Brussels Art Melting Pot, Belgium
2017 "La note blanche", collective creation, ENSATT, Lyon, France

2016 "Ici et maintenant", collective creation, ENSATT, Lyon, France

Collectif Les Immergés

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