If I should call myself visual artist, theatre maker or experience designer is not entirely clear to me.
I inhabit at the same time sober, sunlit and pure architectural design universe of reason and functionality,
as well as dionisiac darkness of the stage art, with its dimmly lit dust dancing in the air, accompanied by the humming of the triac dimmer.

When I take on an artistic challenge, I take a deep breath and dive into its fresh water, letting its temperature surprise me, and I let my ears and hair get wet.

My principal medium is light.
Then comes theatre with its lively richness of expressive means: physical movement, dance, written and spoken word.
Suddenly I have become old and experienced, so I also direct. Submerge others in a creative liquid of imaginative gateway from reality.

I paint and draw from observation, I befriend reality, and I am a fan of the art of dialogue.

I gathered my artistic experience in:

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (painting, etching, engraving),
Remus Theatre in Warsaw (acting)
jaguzz performance group in Warsaw (jazz dance)
École Supérieure de Beaux Arts de Tours (fine arts, lighting)
Centre Dramatique Régional de Tours (lighting)
Centre Courteline de Tours (choreography, performance)
École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre (lighting, theatre creating)
Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago (lighting)
Harris Theatre in Chicago (lighting)
Lyric Opera in Chicago (lighting)
Theatre Collective Les Immergés (immersive theatre creation, acting, lighting)
Chorus girls performance group in Zürich (jazz dance)
Movement Theatre Studio in NYC, online (directing, storytelling)
Association Kulturbogen in Zürich (theatre directing)


stage lighting design:

2021 "Gleichheitsfreiheit", Kulturbogen, Dynamo, Zürich, Switzerland

2020 “Tout était là pour toujours” Les Immergés, , Théâtre de l'Oulle, Avignon, France

2019 “Tout était là pour toujours” Les Immergés, Brussel Art Melting Point, Belgium
2017-19 "The pure gold is sipping out of me" Renata Piotrowska, MAAT Festiwal, Lublin; Nowy Teatr, Warsaw, Poland, Paris, France, Aarhus, Denmark

2018 "In the Clouds", Hybrydy Theater, dir. Maciej Dzieciolowski, University of Warsaw
2018 "Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Shakespeare's play, dir. Diminique Pitoiset, ENSATT, Lyon, France

2018 "Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Benjamin Britten's opera, dir. Diminique Pitoiset, ENSATT, Lyon, France
2017 "Les femmes savantes ou l'apéro rock" Compagnie Ishtar, Annecy, France
2017 "La note blanche", collective creation, ENSATT, Lyon, France

2017 "Loretta Strong" Maite Loittin's solo, ENSATT, Lyon, France

2016 "Ici et maintenant", collective creation, ENSATT, Lyon, France

2016 "Nasrredin Hodja", collective creation, ENSATT, Lyon, France

2016 Concerts ADAMI: Chloe Lacan, Boule et Benoit Doremus, Theatre Arrache Coeur, Avignon, France

2015 Salsa 4 Water, Musical "Guerra del Agua", Bron, Lyon, France

theatrical co-creations

“Tout était là pour toujours” Les Immergés, Avignon, France
“Tout était là pour toujours” Les Immergés, Brussel, Belgium
"La note blanche", collective creation, ENSATT, Lyon, France

architectural lighting consultation (with Lichtkompetez)

private residence (canton zug)
private residence (canton bern)
royal house nymphenburg in munich, germany
private residence in germany
high-end office in mannheim, germany
private garden in lichtenstein
spa bernaqua, bern 


"Trifles" iTON in Warsaw 
"Art everywhere", National Gallery Zacheta in Warsaw
"Comment dire", "Quant au livre"  - ESBAT TALM in Tours
"Crosspoints" - Program: exhibitions in Halle, Plovdiv, Sochaczew and Brussels


"Noli me tangere" - performance, Salon Montrouge ANDEA in Paris 

theoretical texts:

translation of paul klee's pedagogical sketchbook to polish (2014)

master thesis
persistance of vision (2017)