stage lighting design:

"The gold is sipping out of me" Renata Piotrowska, MAAT Festiwal, Lublin; Nowy Teatr, Warsaw, Poland, Paris, France, Aarhus, Denmark
"Midsummer Night’s Dream” reg. Diminique Pitoiset, ENSATT, Lyon, France
"Les femmes savantes" Compagnie Ishtar, Annecy, France

theatrical co-creations

“Tout était là pour toujours” Les Immergés, Brussel, Belgium

"La note blanche", collective creation, ENSATT, Lyon, France


"Trifles" iTON in Warsaw 
"Art everywhere", National Gallery Zacheta in Warsaw
"Comment dire", "Quant au livre"  - ESBAT TALM in Tours
"Crosspoints" - Program: exhibitions in Halle, Plovdiv, Sochaczew and Brussels

architectural lighting design

private residence (canton zug)

private residence (canton bern)

royal house nymphenburg in munich, germany

private residence in germany

high-end office in mannheim, germany

private garden in lichtenstein

spa bernaqua, bern


"Noli me tangere" - performance, Salon Montrouge ANDEA in Paris 


translation of paul klee's pedagogical sketchbook to polish (2014)

master thesis

persistance of vision (2017)